The Crypto Compliance People

Who We Are

We're a boutique financial crime compliance consultancy specialising in virtual assets.

Crypto, meet Compliance 🤝We help build and implement robust, risk-based Anti-Financial Crime Compliance programs for VASPs & CASPs.Our goals:
✅ Enable trust in decentralized money
✅ Support decentralized systems and open protocols
✅ Fight crime and deter bad actors

What We Do

Scaling the virtual asset ecosystem, compliantly.Compliance often has the reputation of being a business blocker.
We aim to demonstrate the opposite: Compliance can act as a powerful enabler.

  • Strategy

Discover market opportunities while mitigating risks.• Identify product opportunities
• Hone your regulatory strategy
• Explore new vendors & partnerships

  • Training

Meet your regulatory training obligations as a VASP and level up your teams' skills with training courses on AML / AFC Compliance specific to VAs.For law enforcement, specifically cybercrime units, we offer training focused on tackling emerging technologies and crime typologies.

  • Internal Controls

Implement controls based on your financial crime risk profile.• Investigations & SAR Reporting
• Transaction Monitoring
• Trade Surveillance
• Sanctions
Vendor analysis, testing & tuning, procedures, operational support.

  • Testing & Audit

Independent audit & testing is key to ensuring the efficacy of your AFC program.

  • Program Management

Meet your core Compliance obligations quickly while you scale your team, with Compliance Officer coverage & operational support

Have specific requirements? We want to help.
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Building Effective
AML Programs

Coming soon:
==Learn how to mitigate risk and increase the effectiveness of your crypto AML program ==

The Crypto Crime Masterclass is our first essential foundational course for investigators, compliance professionals or law enforcement agents requiring an understanding of cryptocurrencies and their role in crime. In the intensive one-day course, we will cover:

  • The fundamentals of Bitcoin, virtual assets and blockchain

  • What a cryptocurrency transaction consists of, and how to understand block explorers.

  • The role of the Dark Web and how to protect your business from exposure to darknet markets.

  • Major real-world financial crime examples and various approaches to the investigation process.

  • Learning from common law enforcement mistakes that drain resources from important investigations.

  • Understanding the role of blockchain forensics tools, and how to use and implement them.

The training can be tailored to the specific needs of your business and will have a far-reaching impact on the effectiveness of your financial crime investigations.

We Hate Scammers

  • Every day, thousands of people are scammed out of their money - whether through investment scams, blackmail or outright theft.

  • Increasingly, scammers and hackers are using virtual currencies to conduct their criminal activities. We want to help.

  • If you know someone who has been scammed using cryptocurrencies, get in touch and we'll try to help you catch the criminal - for free.

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